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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Do you like owls......

I do, even though one comes each night to try to eat Matilda......

For the last couple of years a very large owl has been visiting our garden at night.  He sits on a garden arch and surveys his surrounds.  Often my DH is in the garden, smoking his pipe (a horrid habit, thank goodness he only smokes outside) and he has noticed it is becoming increasingly fearless.  It swooped down at him the other night brushing him with its wings.  It has a wingspan of about 90cm.

Many of you are aware I have a tiny little poodle, Matilda, who weighs under 3 kilos. She looks like a little baby lamb.  Even though my dogs are inside dogs, they do enjoy a little frolic in the garden, including in the evenings.

A horrible thought occurred to me.  Could he be coming with the intention of turning Matilda into owl food?  Everyone laughed at me but being slightly neurotic I rang the Healesville Sanctuary to ask their advice.

Robyn at the Sanctuary was excited as we could have a Powerful Owl, which are an endangered species.  She said it was possible that any of my dogs could be taken as these owls can take brush tail possums, koalas and even small wallabys.

In the past we have only had Tawney Frogmouths so it is exciting to have this wild creature visit us but it has led to lots of work for my poor DH as, at my insistence, we have had to section off part of the garden for the dogs at night, complete with bistro blinds, shade sails and a garden gate. Lucky he loves me.

I've just found this fabulous site and Shivani has the most wonderful owl calendar to share.  I've already made a couple.  Check it out I'm sure you'll love it.  Click HERE

(The image at the top is not a powerful owl but it is gorgeous and comes from Karen at the Graphics Fairy.  She has wonderful free clip art.  I love her site.)
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  1. I wish we had owls coming here at night, even just tawnys! I love all owls, and since we have our cats in of a night, and our dog is a big girl, there would be no worries!!! I'm excited, if it turns out to be a powerful owl, you know many Australian's never get to see one, let alone in the wild!!! Lucky thing you...

  2. Thanks for popping by my blog :0)

    I do love owls but can understand your anxiety about the dogs as I would be the same. Our four dogs are too large to worry about but we did have a hawk in the area and I got worried about leaving our rabbit in her run so we made a cover for it.

  3. You're so very right that the owl would take your pup - they're not picky what they eat! So glad you've made them safe. Owls are beautiful and wonderful but they are predators!

  4. How cool about the owl Melody. We haven't seen anything here except for tawny frog mouths (which I absolutely love)Thanks for the link to the owl calendar... I've just printed one out to see what it's like and the pictures are so good.

  5. I've heard that owls bring good luck - so your garden must be full of the good stuff! Good idea to protect the pups!!



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