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Friday, October 22, 2010

Colourful Friday

Today's colour is ORANGE. I thought this one would be really hard. In fact, I would have sworn there was no orange in my house. But sure enough, I found some. Admittedly the engine photo came from my train loving son, Sam and dear little Smudge, the cockatiel, belongs to my friend Jacquie but the bookcases were full of orange, indeed I could have filled the entire screen just with books.
Thank you again, dear Robyn, for making me take a closer, more observant look around me. See what Robyn and everyone else has found for Colourful Fridays at Daisy Quilts.


  1. You have a lovely display of orange , I am not so sure I could find much orange around this house but I should try just for the heck of it :-)

  2. Good morning Melody!!
    Happy Orange Friday :-)
    I didn't think I'd be able to find much orange either, but found it in lots of places when I started looking.
    Love your pics as always.
    Some beautiful handwork there and I'm seeing giraffe's popping up everywhere :-)
    Cute Smudge and I love the train!!
    I'm so glad you're enjoying our game... I know I am too :-)

  3. lovely orange...happy orange day

  4. Great oranges Melody. And you had to include the cockatiel whether he's yours or not - very cute!

  5. Hi Melody. It has been surprising to see how much orange there is around us. These are a great selection of pictures. It is really interesting to see how orange is used in our sewing. I was enjoying the lovely embroidery in the Sunbonnet Sue photo.
    Enjoy the lovely sunshine today!

  6. Hi Melody. That is what I found once I started looking. More around than I thought. Orange makes such bright cheerful photos. Love Lois

  7. Hi Melody, lots of lovely orange! I had to really look before I saw orange (around my house) today *giggle*. You know, I've never come across a cockatiel that didn't hate me *lol*. toni xxx

  8. That little girl with the embroidery is lovely.

  9. Hi Mel
    Had a busy day and just got round to checking out everybody's posts. Love your photos. Especially Smudge (but that's because I love birds and have one with the same colouring).
    Thanks for stopping by and checking out mine too:-)

  10. I luv your Sunbonnet Sue girl..she's beautiful.

  11. I just LoVe the SunBonnet Sue outfit. In fact all your pic's are GrEaT.

  12. A beautiful collection Mel. Love your Sunbonnet and love Smudge. Have a fun weekend!
    xx, shell

  13. Hi Melody, the cockateel is a real gem, love it.

  14. Hi Melody,
    you some lovely orangey things to share too. I noticed the orange Penguin books too. Love the cockatiel & the cute little Sunbonnet Sue. :-) cheers, Jan



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