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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Clare's Graduation Quilt

This flimsy is a secondary school graduation quilt for our niece and my DH's god-daughter, Clare.
I started it a while ago then got distracted by other things. To my horror, I discovered yesterday, that the Year 12's were only at school for another 11 days.
It is a signature quilt so Clare will need time to take it to school for her friends and some of her teachers (she has declared she is not asking the mean ones, which is fair enough) to sign.
I quickly dug it out today and finished it. It will be quilted once it has been signed.


  1. Looks great. Love the triangles. Great idea. Charmaine

  2. what a clever idea - it will be such a great memory... and you have done such a nice job with those stripey triangles.

  3. That's gorgeous! What a great idea.

  4. That is a delightful quilt , love the color combination and the triangles really are a nice design ,I am sure that Clare will love it !

  5. what a great idea! The colours are lovely and it will definitely be something to treasure.
    Love the pics you have added of your furry girls. You do have a house full!

  6. Such a lovely signature quilt for Clare!



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