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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Le Jardin Block 8

Hooray another block finished in this Bunny Hill BOM. Normally I am pretty hopeless about keeping up to date with my BOMs but this year I am amazed with myself as I am up to date with the four I am doing.
I'm also pretty happy I worked out how to add to the sidebars of my blog. Now I need to work out how to get the cute little pictures with the links.
It's a beautiful afternoon here in Melbourne so I'm off to play with my doggies and do some gardening outside


  1. Your BOM is lovely - I love pinks and greys together - and the blog is looking really good. Glad you are having some great weather - usually comes up North to us in a couple of days.... Hugz

  2. Fabulous patchwork, something I have not tried as yet. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

  3. Melody , that is so cute , just love your colors too !



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