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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Clare's Tuesday Treasures

One of my earliest memories is my father reading me The Wind in the Willows. I fell in love with Ratty, Toad, Badger and my favourite little Mole. When I played in the garden I believed the Wild Wood was down behind the gooseberry bushes and I was sure I could hear the chattering of the rabbits and see the glistening eyes of the evil stoats and weasels in the shadows. I was scared when Mole was lost in the woods, hungry when hearing of Ratty's picnic basket contents, cheered when Toad escaped from prison dressed as a washer woman and was triumphant when the friends defeated the stoats and weasels and reclaimed Toad Hall.
I've had this teapot and mole figurine for many years now and just love them
Thank you Clare for Tuesday Treasures. What a great idea.
Clare's Tuesday Treasures


  1. Reading and having adventures because of books is a great treasure ! I love your teapot and mole Melody ! Thanks so much for playing along .

  2. I always liked Badger the best.
    They are gorgeous.
    ps Welcome to blogland!

  3. What lovely reminders of your favourite book. Although I always had my nose in a book as a child I seem to have missed quite a few of the classics. I have a couple of copies of Wind in the Willows on my bookshelf but have never read it. I must get out a copy and remedy that.

  4. Melody , I love the teapot as well as the little mole figurine , I loved that story as well .

  5. I loved Wind in the Willows too..... The teapot and mole are great - do you use the teapot?
    Good to meet you cyberly

  6. I remember this wonderful book too.
    Love your teapot and your little mole.



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