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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

I've been sewing a lot of projects with birds as a theme at the moment.  And all the usual little chaps arrive each morning to squeak and chirp and screech until we fill up the bird feeders.

With birds on my mind I thought I'd share this delightful little brooch which I've had for many years.  I think I purchased it on a trip to Sydney from a country patchwork store, maybe Berrima Patchwork, but I can't be sure, it's such a long time ago.  I do remember I loved it when I bought it and I still love it now.

Do you have something you treasure to share with us today.  Please pop your details into Mr Linky and play along.


Here's another picture of the spectacular bird installation at the Essendon Quilters Show a couple of weeks ago.  And with that in mind here are some birdies you can make too.

These beauties are at Spool.

A cutie from Lollychops

Felted tweety birds at Felting Crafts

and finally this charming little one from Pom Pom Emporium 

I'll be posting Part 4 of Home Sweet Home later today.  


  1. Lots of lovely birds Melody,and isn't the installation amazing? I do like the brooch you shared, too. It never ceases to amaze me how you come across so many fabulous links :-)

  2. lovely bird pic Mel and how cute is your broach,and thankyou for the birdie links.xx

  3. That is a gorgeous brooch Mel. I bet those babies can all make a racket when they think their brekkie is running late. Tracee xx

  4. I love your photo of your feathered friends having their brekky. What a sweet brooch you found Melody. I love birdies too and love watching their antics in the tree outside my door. I also love seeing them featured in stitching. Lovely post.

  5. That's such a sweet brooch, and I think you're lucky to have those beautiful birds visiting every day!

  6. Your brooch is lovely Melody, as is your photo of all the birds feeding at your place. We happened to watch an amazing documentary yesterday on the golden shouldered parrot up in North Queensland. It was so interesting and something for my hubby to look out for next time he goes to the Cape, as there are so few of them now. Tanks for the birdie links... too cute!

  7. love the cockies visiting and the bird house brooch is just lovely... so are the great links... thanks again for another fun day..

  8. That installation is incredible. And love the pic of the gorgeous birds waiting to be fed. You're so lucky to have them come to visit.. we don't get that species here in CA. Love your cute pin, too.. my MIL collects bird houses so things like that always make me think of her. Happy Tuesday! xo

  9. Lovely brooch, it is such a treasure to have birds around, I love to listen to their songs!

  10. Beautiful brooch and you are so fortunate to have such pretty birds come visit .Thanks as always for the links , they are interesting to see and visit. hugs Sheila

  11. I couldn't agree more about the beautiful sounds of birds. On my way into work this morning a couple of Kookaburras started laughing their heads off just to make me smile at the start of my day. And while the magpie is not the most pleasant of birds, their warble is just amazing and I love listening to it. Thanks for reminding us of some of life's simple pleasures Melody. Cheers, Tracy.

  12. Beautiful birdie tutorials. Thanks for sharing the installation. It's amazing!



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