2016 Free Boms

The Girls, The Girlies, The Girlywhirlys

These are my adorable and much loved little dogs.

 Matilda, Tildy, Miss Matilda, Tildikins

Matilda, is a tiny little white poodle.  She weighs less than three kilos and yet has a tonne of personality.
My little darling, Tildy, died in 2014.  I know she is waiting for me in doggie heaven.

Essie. Little Es, Esmeralda Weatherwax

Pippi, Pipdog, Pipster, PippiDippi,

Bella, Belli, Bellybutton, Buttons
and in 2012 Max joined the pack.  We've made him an honorary girlywhily

Animals and animal welfare issues are very important to me.   I tend to judge people by how they treat animals and children or anyone less powerful than themselves.

I also support the Free the Bears Fund


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